Monday, 30 January 2012

Recipe for a Great Beach Holiday!

For those of you who have just been on summer holidays here in New Zealand, here is a little piece of writing that I did a few years ago. Despite our lack of good beach weather recently, I am sure that you can identify with having days like this during the summer months! 

Put in a bowl 100mL of salty sea water,
Mixed with a cup of smooth sand.
Simmer gently with a bucket of laughter.
Add a handful of melting hokey pokey ice creams
And soaring seagulls.

Beat together 2 cups of waves
Along with one lone surfer.
Sieve in a picnic under the shade of a red pohutukawa tree,
Beside two splashing children.
Stir briefly with a smear of sunblock.
Top up with ½ a teaspoon of of bright seashells
And crabs in small rock pools.

And just to jazz it all up a little,
Sprinkle in a dazzlingly beautiful sunset
With hot fish and chips.
Bake in a tin with a message scrawled in sand,
And serve with a smile of love.

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