Friday, 17 February 2012

Calmer Of The Storm

Daisy and I thought we would share this song with you. :) I like how the lyrics are very thought provoking and meaningful. We hope you like it too! :)

Calmer Of The Storm lyrics
When everything is wrong, the day has passed and nothing's done
And the whole world seems against me
When I'm rolling in my bed, there's a storm in my head
I'm afraid of sinking in despair

Teach me, Lord to have faith
In what You're bringing me will
Change my life and
Bring You glory

There on the storm I am learning to let go
Of the will that I so long to control
There, may I be in Your arms eternally
I thank you, Lord, You are the calmer of the storm

You rebuke the wind and the waves, once again I find I'm amazed
By the power of Your will
'Cause I'm a child of little faith, I feel the wind and forget Your grace
And You say, "Peace, be still"


Oh, when the torment blows, the middle of the sea
May I never trust, never trust in me
'Cause there in Your arms I find
No tragedy

There on the storm I am learning to let go
The white wave's high, it's crashing o'er the deck
And I don't know where I go
Where are You Lord, is my ship going down?
The mast is gone so throw the anchor
Should I jump and try to swim to land?

There on the storm, teach me God to understand
Of Your will that I just cannot control
There, may I see all Your love protecting me
I thank you Lord, You are the calmer of the storm

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Violet said...

Hi Hyacinth,
I'd never heard of this song, but you are right - the lyrics are really thought provoking! I know they convicted me of my need to rely more on my Saviour than myself!
From your friend,