Friday, 3 February 2012

Flowery Friendship

Friendship is like daffodils, warm and golden in the springtime light

Happiness like tiny violets, sweet and scented with joy 

Good times are like the daisies, smiling all the while, colours bright

Yes, friendship is like the lilies living by the water, delicately balanced, so that neither friend will fall 

This poem was written by me just after Violet and I first became friends. It seems to me, that at that time, I had flowers on the brain - naming characters after them, and writing poems about them! This poem naturally had to include both violets and daisies, as it was originally written for Violet, to tell her that I was grateful for her friendship. Not sure I actually showed it to her, until the other day, when I was contemplating putting it on the blog. But anyway, Violet, thanks for being my friend throughout all these years! I hope our friendship continues for a long, long time yet! 

Thanks to Google Images "free of copyright" image section for the photos of the daffodils, and the lilies - I'm afraid that daffodils are out of season here - although I will most definitely post a picture when they are in, as they are stunning! - and we don't have any water lilies in our garden! But all the other flowers are from our garden! And I couldn't resist posting a few more pictures from my garden whilst I was at it! Enjoy! :) 


Violet said...

Hi Daisy!
It is beautiful - thank you, I love your poem a lot! And the photos too! God bless and have a great day!
From your friend,

Makay said...

Such a cool idea to have a blog between 2 friends! :) So sweet.

Daisy said...

Thanks, Ky!
I really love your blog, by the way! :)

Daisy said...

Oops - accidently deleted my haha :P Violet, I'm glad you like it!! I'm glad we are still friends!!! :)
God bless,
Daisy ♥