Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Here is a short poem written by me when I was 12. Though I am certianly not a poet, I thought it tied in nicely with the floral themes our blog has! And yes, here in New Zealand it is not spring (in fact, with the weather we've been having recently, I'm finding it hard to believe that it is summer)! Anyway, settle down into your chair, but be warned, as it is possible that this poem may soon have you up and scouring the garden looking for flowers to sniff!


Spring is like a radiant Queen
Dressed in all her finery.
A crown of daisies plucked from a field
Shining in her wavy hair.

Eyes like bluebells
Lips like cherries
And apple blossom cheeks.

A dress of golden daffodils
Their little heads waving with the wind.
Necklace of the grass so green
Bracelets of the coolest stream.
Slippers soft as a newborn fawn
Calling for its mother.

And her scent! Oh her scent!
Is like the rarest perfume
Of wisteria
And jasmine
Letting their pollen dance
To the warmest of breezes.
Yes, Spring is like a radiant Queen.


Hyacinth said...

Hi Violet,
This is such a lovely poem! I really like it. :)
From your friend,

Violet said...

Hi Hyacinth,
Thank you! I'm glad you like it! It was a poem I wrote during my homeschooling days as part of a poetry unit of work. Nice to hear from you!
From your friend, Violet

Wild Horse said...

I really loved this, thanks for posting :D

Violet said...

Thank you, Wild Horse! I love your blog!!! :) Horses happen to be one of Daisy's (my friend) favourite animals!