Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Chin Up! :)

A song for when you’re feeling blue. It’s from the old animated Charlottes’ Web movie, and always brings a smile onto my face!

And if you hadn't already gathered by the posts on this blog, we adore music and so we love to post all the neat tunes we find. And through other blogs, I have discovered an amazing piano composer called Brian Crain. I confess that upon hearing his music, I have fallen in love with it!!! So I just couldn't wait to post one of his tunes to share with you all. This one has to be my favourite currently, though it is so hard to choose a favourite as he has so many lovely tunes. Anyway, enjoy listening! 


Gracie said...

"You'll be on the right side looking at the bright side. Up with your chiny chin...chin up!!!"
Such a wonderful song!
And Brian Crain! I have never heard of him before, but my, he plays such beautiful music! Thank you for sharing these!

Violet said...

Not a problem, Gracie! Glad to share them as I love them so much too! I love your blogs by the way! :)

Your sister in Christ,

Gracie said...

Thank you,Violet :) It means a lot to me to know that people enjoy what I post.

Wild Horse said...

I really liked Brian Crain! I had never heard of him before reading this :)

Violet said...

Thank you, Wild Horse! I'm glad you like his music - I do too!