Friday, 9 March 2012

Dear Jane Austen . . .

Hi Everyone! Just found this super-cool video on YouTube and just HAD to share it with you all! It’s by New Zealand artist Holly Christina (check out her website at and transports us back to those “good old days”! I find I can really identify with the lyrics, as I love history so much that I often wish I could be transported back in time. So any other history lovers out there are bound to be smiling away as they watch this, just as I was! Anyway, here is the link. Enjoy! 


Hyacinth said...

Hey Violet!
This song sounds really nice! :) I hadn't heard of her before. :) Thanks for putting it up!
God bless!
Love, Hyacinth ♥♥

Violet said...

Hi Hyacinth,
Yes, I love it sooooooooooo much! I wish people made music videos incorporating history into them more often! I just need to find one on Dickens now . . . and then I'll be really happy!
Glad you liked it too! :)
Hopefully we'll get to chat sometime!

Daisy said...

Hey Violet! Oh dear, I'm afraid I absolutely looooove this too! Know what we're going to be singing for the next while haha! :D
Thanks sooo much for sharing it!!
God bless,
♥♥♥ Daisy ♥♥♥

Ella said...

I watchted this for the first time on the blog old-fashioned charmed and loved it!
Her other song image is also very good-and catcty!