Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Camp of a Lifetime! Part 1: The Journey to Camp

Violet and Daisy before leaving on the
(Written by Daisy and Violet while travelling home from it)

Well, we are back! We’ve been away for almost a whole week, up at a camp in Northland, New Zealand (approximately 8 hours away from where we live, so an exhausting journey)! Daisy’s mum drove us up to it, and on the way, we had lots of stops for photo shoots! So, as we didn’t take any photos during the camp itself, we’ll fill this post with lots of neat pictures from our photo shoots.We hope you like them! :)
Violet enjoying her fluffy 
Daisy outside Brown Sugar
Our first stop was at a cute little cafe named (appropriately!) Brown Sugar Cafe. This “sweet” name suited the place so well, as Violet soon discovered while enjoying her lovely warm fluffy. We both so much liked the decorations in this cafe, that we couldn’t help but take photos of every flower we liked there!!

We had a few other photo shoots along the way, and arrived at last at the home of a friend of Daisy’s mother, where we stayed the night. That evening, we took a lovely stroll out to see some glow-worms behind the house (in a central city forest!) which inspired some potential story ideas which we hope to post in the future.

The next day (Monday) we had a quick beach walk, which resulted in our favourite photo shoot of all (we particularly love this one of Daisy with her arms outstretched, standing on a rock)!  Then we headed off to the bus station where we were to meet with the other campers – Daisy’s younger brother came too. We had a quick bite of Subway and then our adventures began!

The bus trip took about an hour to take us further North. We both chatted together nervously yet excitedly, still unsure but recognising some faces from previous camps. On the boat trip, however, we began making new friends and reacquainting ourselves with old ones. Violet loved this boat trip, as always – with the lovely scenery and sea spray! Finally, we arrived at the camp location and unloaded the boat. There was great excitement as we were all sorted into teams, though we were sad to discover that we were not in the same team, nor the the same cabins. :(
Daisy's team - Silver Foxes
Each team was set the challenge of designing a team name, flag and chant based on their colour and the camp theme of “agents”. Daisy was in the silver team which was dubbed the “Silver Foxes” because foxes are fast and smart (although Daisy found it hard to see how that related to being an agent for the Lord)! Daisy’s younger brother and Violet were in the gold team, which was called the “Gold Finger” after a James Bond movie (Violet found this likewise hard to understand, having never a watched any Bond movies). The other teams were green – “Le Frogs” (connected to the French resistance) and Lilac (“00 Lilac”).
Violet's team - Goldfinger 

Then it was time for dinner, followed by our duties which we were rostered for according to our groups. After that we had our first sermon for the camp. The preacher this year was Mike Beck from Gracenet Community Church in Wellington (visit their website at http://www.gracenet.co.nz/, and his pastoral blog at http://gracenetblog.wordpress.com/). We both felt really encouraged and inspired by his messages, and we hope to each do a post on what we got out of his sermons at some point, with the prayer that it will also help you in your walk with Christ.

However, that is more than enough for one post, so, Lord willing, we will tell you more about our camp adventures soon!


Ella said...

Sounds very fun!!!
I am going to camp this June and am very excited!

Daisy said...

It was - it was the best camp ever :D ♥
Oh, I bet you'll have a lovely time at your camp in June!! :)

Gracie said...

It sounds and looks like you both had fun :) I just recently got back from a camp in Louisiana. I usually go every year, and it is always such a blessing. But going to a camp in New Zealand sounds amazing too!!

Daisy said...

Yes, we had an amazing time!! :D Camps can be so encouraging in our walks with Christ, can't they?! Glad you enjoy your camps too!!!! :)
Daisy ♥