Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Camp of a Lifetime! Part 2: The Camp Activities

We began each day with breakfast, duties, and a meeting (where we sang songs and had a sermon), getting into Bible study groups for a ‘Q & A’ and prayer time. Then, in each of our groups, chanting and waving our colourful flags as we went, we would start on the camp activities on the day.
There were four main camp activities which we did on a rotational basis (two each day).
  1. Kayaking – it was a beautiful sunny day when Daisy’s team went kayaking, which was a good thing as we had to tip out of them! However, when Violet went kayaking, it was a bit of a storm with wind and rain – so rather a different experience for both of us! The activity involved kayaking out to sea and around a small rocky island (Daisy’s team saw a penguin!) Along the way, each team member would take turns tipping out of the kayak and then the different members of the team would “rescue” them. Needless to say, this activity was both exhausting but fun (and was probably Violet’s favourite activity).
  2. Daisy's team yatching
    Yachting – This was one of Daisy’s favourite activities, primarily because she had someone nice to pair up with. :) The activity involved sailing around the bay and forming shapes (such as a cross) with the yachts. Unfortunately, Violet’s team suffered from not enough wind and a low tide coupled with a lack of skill ;) , which made this activity not so successful for them! Daisy’s team on the other hand, had a high tide and a lot of wind, resulting in them winning the activity overall. (Daisy says here, “Go Silver Foxes!” – Violet says, “No! Gold Finger is the man!”)
  3. The Climbing Wall - its sooo high!!
    Rock Climbing/Abseiling – Violet’s least favourite activity (and one she dreads all year!) as she has a long standing history of a fear of ropes and heights when they are combined! :) Needless to say, she was very pleased with the fact that her prayers were answered when she was able to climb the whole way up and abseil back down without crying once! :) Daisy, on the other hand, rather likes heights and really, really enjoyed it! Both our teams managed to complete this activity, which was good.
  4. A view of the bay from the top of the Confidence Course
    The Confidence Course – This was Daisy’s absolute favourite activity. The first part of it was a very tricky assault course. Then came a jog up a hill, with archery to finish up. Violet found these activities very difficult (typically!) while Daisy really enjoyed it (and found it a little easier!) Both of us were really pleased with how much we accomplished on it compared to other years.
Watch this space for further posts on our amazing and exciting camp experience!

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