Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Christian's Guide To Pop Music

Hey everyone!! It's me, Daisy here :D I have a quick note for you all!! :)

We have a follower on our blog called The Singer. Now, I absolutely LOVE the Singer's blog - it is called A Christian's Guide To Pop Music and it is filled with youtube links to pop songs which are "the kind that won't totally pollute your hearts and minds, music that will draw you closer to your Savior." The Singer goes on to say "This is where I will share pop music (and other music) by Christian artists, and music by secular artists that has been carefully checked". I love that idea!! I highly recommend you that if you are into pop music and want to be careful with what you listen to, you head over there! The Singer has some really great music! :)

The blog disappeared a couple of days ago for a few people. Thankfully, not for me :D But anyway, the reason for this was that they changed their web address. It is now
And just because I can, here is one more link to A Christian's Guide To Pop Music - this one mentioning OUR blog (Violets and Daisies), because of a song Hyacinth posted here!!! How exciting ;) :D Anthem Lights - Stranger

Anyway, that's enough from me for now - just thought it was about time I told you about the great effort The Singer is making!! Hope you like their blog a whole heap!! :D

God bless, Daisy

P.S. I absolutely love this photo of Hyacinth and me at the beach a few weeks ago :D. Hope ya don't mind me putting it up, Hyacinth!!


Ella said...


The Singer said...

Wow!! Thank you sooooo much for putting that up, Daisy!!! I really appreciate it :)
I'm so sorry if anyone tried to access my blog and couldn't - I'm new to the blogging scene you see, and didn't realize that if I changed my web address, it wouldn't let people find my blog :/
So thanks for your help!! :D
God bless,
The Singer

Daisy said...

Ella: I agree!! :D
The Singer: That's quite alright - thank you for mentioning us in your post too!! :)