Sunday, 6 May 2012

Island of Grace

I watched Island of Grace with Lily and Hyacinth yesterday :D  Island of Grace, which is a Wisenquest film from 2009, tells the story of Megan, a young office worker, who gets to go on a work trip to Indonesia with office heartthrob, Mark, and her old church friend, Chris. However, things go drastically wrong when their plane goes down and they are lost on an island in Indonesian waters.
Chris is saddened by the fact that Megan is changing from the strong Christian woman she used to be, and confronts her about this. Meanwhile, Mark is trying to win Megan over, and it appears to be working.... Will Megan stay strong, and be true to her faith? And will the three castaways be rescued from the Island of Grace???        
The movie has a good message of remaining true to your faith, and not changing who you are to please other people. The  main actors do a good job, and  the music and cinematography are nicely done. All in all, this is a very clean movie - with the exception of some rather unnecessary kissing - and has been awarded the Dove Family Approved Seal.
And yes, I know the trailer title says it is for "Rescued", but let me assure you it is "Island of Grace"!! :)

Love, Daisy ♥


Hyacinth said...

Hey Daisy!! :D
I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for posting it up...the review sounds really good!
With love,
Hyacinth ♥♥

Daisy said...

Thanks, Hyacinth!! :) Haha, for some reason it says Violet posted this, but it was definitely me :D It won't change it either, but oh well!! :)
Lots of love and God bless,
Daisy ♥♥♥