Thursday, 21 June 2012

Lindsey Stirling music

Now I know that most of you, our readers, will be sick of hearing music at the moment, as we have been posting so much of it lately! However, for lack of anything else inspiring to write, I thought I should show you this amazing violinist anyway. While I personally don’t like all her music or all of her dance moves, I do love the music that I’ve posted here! So I hope you like listening to them!
God bless!

River Flows in You:
I first saw this on Ella's blog, The Door in the Air, and I loved the sound of the harp combined with the violin in it so much that I knew I would have to imitate Ella at some stage by posting it up on our blog! I also love the effect of the flowers in the background of it – it really suits the floral theme of this blog!

Lord of the Rings Medley:
I confess it: I am a Lord of the Rings fan! Any excuse to listen to music from it really excites me. And I love her dress in this! :)

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Kiri Liz said...

Lindsey plays so well! I loved listening to the Lord of the Rings one! And yes, I'm a fan, too!! :)
Dasiy, be sure to stop by my blog soon because I've awarded you!