Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A little find . . .

It’s not often I stumble across some writing that I had completely forgotten about, but today that happened! And as I haven’t posted anything of my own for a fair while, I thought it was about time I shared some of my own writing. :) Please excuse the fact that these poems are not very sophisticated or well written: I really am no poet!

I must confess that these two poems actually spoke very loudly to my conscience, as Bible readings and prayer times are two things I have been struggling with a lot recently – so your prayers for me  would be much appreciated! I find it so easy to prioritise other things over and above my times with the Lord in prayer and reading His word. So these two poems struck my heart and reminded me of the very things I had been neglecting lately, which were clearly my focus two years ago when I was writing them.

Lord, help me I pray to spend more time with you! Help me to focus on John 3:30 which says that “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Forgive me, Father, for the many times when I am filled with self-centeredness and a desire only to look out for my own interests, and not the interests of others, the times when I deliberately do not give You much time in my day. Thank you, Father, that you are helping me in this area, and for making sure that I saw these two poems today and was reminded of You. :) In Your name, amen.

Anyway, here is my “little find”; the two little poems I (Violet) wrote.


Smoothly bound book
Sitting on bookshelf
Collecting dust
Waiting . . . waiting to be read.

No ordinary book.
No ordinary message.
Yet unwanted.
Waiting . . . waiting to be read.

Then, one glorious day
Hands reach up, take it down.
A message is read
New hope, fresh understanding
Hands clasped in prayer.


Hushed voice
That only God can hear.
Clasped hands
Begging His forgiveness.

Beating heart
Knowing His presence
Fervent mind
Thinking words too glorious to say.
Opened eyes
With renewed knowledge
They have glimpsed God's glory
And been in His presence.


Wild Horse said...

Wow! I think those are really good poems!

God Bless,
Wild Horse

Violet said...

Thanks, Wild Horse! :)