Sunday, 10 June 2012


Well, I had a great treat this weekend - my mother took me, my brother and my grandparents down to our capital city of Wellington, which is about two hours away from my home town, and treated us to going to see the world famous show "Riverdance"!!!!! :D It was such a great day. We had a lovely trip there and back, and the show was, as expected, incredible!

Such a pretty rose ♥
On the way up, we stopped at a small roadside cafe. It was from the same chain as the one Violet and I stopped at on the way to camp (see here:), but this one was called River Cottage Cafe. It was also a really beautiful little place, and my brother and I had fun taking photos there!

And such a stunning lily!! :D
From there, we drove straight on to the heart of Wellington city, and made our way to the gorgeous old St James Theatre, where Riverdance was to take place! :D The St James is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful theatres I have ever been in, and guess what I found out today - Violet has performed on that very stage (okay, so it was in a school play when she was very little, but still!!). Was I jealous to hear that! ;) The only problem with it is that it is very steeply inclined, and hard to move around in, as it can make you feel a bit dizzy being right in the top. And that was where we were sitting :P. It was a bit of a mission to get my grandparents all the way up there, but they made it, and we were in for a real treat - a fantastic, totally unblocked view of the stage! :D

The view down to the stage from my
seat :D
Oh, the show!!!! ♥ I can honestly say that Riverdance was one of the most amazing, incredible, well polished, and stunning stage shows I have ever seen - and believe me, as a stage director, I don't say that lightly :D. I loved Riverdance! If you ever have a chance to go and see it, definitely go, it is a real treat! The dancing was, as expected, incredible, and the music was BEAUTIFUL!!! I am in love with this song from the second half of the show, especially from about 3 minutes into it. I got goosebumps hearing it live. So I just had to share it with you all. I hope you will find it goose-bumpy too haha, but maybe it was just me who loved it so much, being both addicted to Celtic music and a singer. I have to say, I liked the singer who sung the solo at our show better myself, and I liked the ladies outfit's more - they were Celtic style dresses, both much prettier and more modest :D. But anyway, here is the song!! Enjoy it!! :)
Well anyway, that is enough about the show for now. I could go on and on for hours about how amazing it was, but I don't want to, in case any of you go and see it, and I spoil it for you!! :P I will just say this, the one thing I didn't feel quite comfy with the one part right at the beginning of the show, when the narration sounds a bit like they are worshipping the sun... but other than that this is a good, clean, enjoyable show!! I highly recommend it to all!! :D

After the show was home, we headed right home, but along the way we made one stop, at some beautiful rocks on the roadside. My brother and I had fun exploring the rocks and rockpools, and taking some photos!! :) Here are a few of my favourites:
Well anyway, that's more than enough from me for now!! But I will be back soon, let me assure you :D Hope you all have a great week!! 

God bless, 
Daisy ♥


Violet said...

Oh Daisy, that sounds so, so, SO neat! I love the music from it that you showed me! :) And I love your 'Hayley Westerna' pose in the photo! ;)
God bless, dear friend!

Ella said...

Sounds fun!
I really enjoy celtic music especially when it's performed by Celtic Woman and Anuna.

Joanna said...

Riverdance is simply one of the most amazing things on this planet! Haha.

Daisy said...

Violet: I'm glad you liked it!! I wish you could have come to see it with me!! :P But oh well! Thanks :D We had so much fun taking all of those photos! :) God bless!!

Ella: I absolutely love Celtic Women too! I'm sure you would like the Riverdance music!

Joanna: I agree 100%!! :D

♥ Daisy ♥