Friday, 6 July 2012

Auckland Beach photo shoot!!!

Hi All!

Yay, Jessica and I (Violet) finally managed to go out and have a fun photo shoot!!! Neither of us are very good photographers and our family camera is fairly basic, so the quality of these photos will be nowhere near as good as on other blogs, but we still had lots of fun taking them and that is the main thing!

I want to start with my absolute favourites, which are . . . .

Messages in Sand! (the words speak for themselves really!)

I love you Jessica!!! :)
Jessica says "hello" to you from Auckland, Daisy!
We thought we'd add the daisy, for greater effect! I miss you Daisy!
I'm missing my holiday catch-up with you both! :(
 We're missing you HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you guys (or girls, rather!) liked them! We miss you all!!!

Now for what we did on our photo shoot . . .

We walked along a marina, and looked at the boats!
Our shoes! (Yes, we did get bored of looking at boats!)
This sign was quite intimidating - particularly as it was near the walkway we were going on!
Boat painting/mending!
Jessica posing for the camera!
Looking out to sea - the tide is WAY out!
"Ooh, look!"
Underneath the boardwalk
The boardwalk!
Footprint (I can't remember if it's mine or Jessica's)!
Yes, our shoes did get rather muddy in our efforts to get photos! :( We spent ages cleaning them up afterwards!
We found this little pathway which led to some rocks where some men were fishing.
Lovely little view. :)
Joyful Jessica jumping on the boardwalk!
Me looking out to sea . . . missing home! :(
Birds on the hill/cliff above.
A BIG tree - my mum used to play around it when she was a girl!

When I was little, I used to be scared stiff of this drain pipe!

Yay - we got to the beach at last! :p
A rose - I LOVE this photo that Jessica took while we were on our walk!
What are you up to, Jessica? I confess - we loved this little door and so pretended to be opening it!
It looks like it is night in this photo, but it was actually broad daylight! We had issues with the camera and lighting! :(

Me sniffing a flower . . .
. . . and no, for the record I do not normally do this, only I have in all our photo shoots!!!
I love this photot of Jessica (despite the bad lighting)! Isn't she pretty?
We thought this plant looked interesting and very funny!!!
Me on the hill - for some reason it looks like I'm standing on my tip-toes (I am not)!
Jessica sniffing the rose - this photo didn't end up quite right!
I know that it's a rubbish bin - but I did love the decorations on it!
Isn't it lovely? Seagull prints set in concrete for decoration next to a beach seat.
Of course, we had to add OUR feet to the picture!!!
Jessica relaxing on the beach seat!
Jessica *pretending* to have fallen asleep on the beach seat!
I love this photo of Jessica!!! It is so like her - a typical pose!
Looking back at the boardwalk - the tide had come in a bit by this stage!
Writing in sand - a work in progress! :)
No - we didn't make these sandcastles: we found them on the beach!
Last view of the beach! :(
Near the end of our trip - me (Violet) posing on a lovely wall they had along the end of the beach.
Going home - the end of our adventures! :(
I hope you enjoyed our really long photo shoot (apologies for that: it was so hard to narrow down the photos)! It did feel a bit bizarre to be doing a beach photo shoot, I must say, as here in New Zealand it is winter!!! 

Again, for all those I know who see this or who I have mentioned (see the messages in the sand!) :) I miss you all so much, and my dear home! :( As you can tell, our holidays are really enjoyable so far and we hope yours are too!


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Daisy said...

Oh, this was such a lovely surprise, Violet and Jessica!!! Thank you sooo much for your beautiful messages ♥ :D And all of the other photos are soo pretty too! You are both such gorgeous girls ♥ Missing you lots and lots, Violet!
God bless,
Daisy xox