Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Daisy's Collection of Pinterest Quotes

Well, school term has resumed once again here in New Zealand, and life continues on its busy path for me... But, I promise I will post some things soon - I have been missing blogging a lot!! As you can imagine, I have been really busy with our upcoming play, and also with singing things, and editing a movie Violet, Hyacinth, Lily and I have been making for years. But I will make sure I get around to my blogging soon!! In the meantime, here is a collection of beautiful quotes I found on Pinterest! ♥ Hope you like them!! :)
Love, Daisy                                                                           


Violet said...

Very Daisy-ish quotes! I liked the butterfly one! By the way, if it's okay with you, would you mind sharing with me what your pinterest page is?

Ella said...


Daisy said...

I thought you would, Violet!! :) I did tell you my pinterest name, aye?
And thanks Ella!! :D