Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Plane Trip!

Hi readers!

My sister Jessica and I are now in Auckland! We are super-excited and already have some great photos of our plane trip to share with you all!

Our trip started with our attendence at the wedding of a family friend's daughter. It was lovely - and Violet especially liked the massive organ! 

The organ at the wedding - how magnificent!

Then we went to the airport where Jessica and I took some quick photos. As you can tell, I am wearing a stressed-and-I-am-not-amused expression, while Jessica is wearing an excited and I've-never-been-on-a-big-plane-before expression! The second photo is more serious though (I hope)!

Jessica and I (Violet) at the airport
The plane trip followed - and there was a bit of a sunset, which was lovely to watch, though our photos from looking through the small plane window are not fantastic! :( 

The start of the sunset - though our camera batteries ran flat after this! :(
Well, that's about all I have time for right now, but I hope to update you again soon about our Auckland Adventures! 


Daisy said...

Hello Violet!!
I can't believe how much I'm missing you, and its only been a few days since you left haha :P So hurry back!! ;P I hope you are having a really good time, and I can't wait to hear more about what you've been doing :)
I promise I will reply to your email as soon as I have a free moment!! ♥
God bless,
Daisy xox

Hyacinth said...

Hey Violet! :)
I hope you have a really nice time in Auckland!! I can't wait for more updates on how your time is going! :D
With love,
Hyacinth xoxo ♥♥

Violet said...

Aw, thank you both for the lovely messages, they really made my day! :) I'm missing you both tremendously though it is nice to be on holdiay with my relatives!
God bless and I hope you both have an enjoyable holiday!