Friday, 13 July 2012

The Secret is Revealed at Last!!!!!!!!!!!! (You must read this post)!

Hello all our avid readers!!!

We have a very exciting announcement (and it is partly the reason why Daisy has been so busy recently!): Daisy and Violet are involved in bringing about a Family Friendly Production to be performed this year at Christmas (Lord willing)! Read the information below, and if you are in the Manawatu/Wanganui region of New Zealand, we would love to have you attend the auditions! 

Actors, dancers, musicians and singers:
We need your help in bringing a Family Friendly Production The Boar's Head Madrigal Dinner to Palmerston North this Christmas!

The Boar's Head Madrigal Dinner is a dinner show set in the Middle Ages and is paired with John Rutter's fabulous musical The Reluctant Dragon accompanied by traditional Christmas carols.

Auditions to be held on Saturday, 4th of August at All Saints Church Hall.
Dancers will be required to come with a 1 minute long prepared dance to show us (music would need to be on a CD: no other format, thank you!), singers would need to be able to sing one verse of Silent Night from memory and actors will need to come prepared to read aloud a portion of the script.

You MUST RSVP to to get an audition time:
Nina Donkin (Production Secretary/Director) and Dr Debbie Donkin (Musical Director)
Phone: (06) 353 6625
The Boar's Head Madrigal Dinner

For more information about the play, feel free to visit our website - 
Family Friendly Productions is a Christian production company, created last year by Daisy and her family, and is dedicated to providing top-quality, family friendly productions to the community - the type of productions anyone can go and see, without having to fear offensive content.

God  bless you all and we'd love to see you get involved in this amazing production! 
Violet and Daisy 

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Megan and Abby said...

That sounds so awesome! I'm not even close to being in your area of the world, but were I, I'd join in a moment's notice. I can and will, however, pray that God will use this to His glory, as He sees fit. Keep up the good work!