Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Beautiful Little Cousin ♥

Why, hello everyone! :D I hope you all are having a great week! Sorry if we don't manage to post much this week - Violet is busy with exams, and I'm preparing for our first rehearsal of the musical this Saturday!!! Can't believe it's the first rehearsal already!! :P But anyway, on with what I actually came here to write about...

So I have just come to the conclusion that I have the cutest little cousins in the world! I'm blessed to have part of my Mum's side of the family living right here in the city I live in. The other half of the family live across the ocean, in Tasmania, but they come to visit quite a lot, so that is still really good. Both of my cousins on Mum's side (yes, I have only two on her side) are grown up, and married, but they both have children, gorgeous little girls. And I am really blessed to be able to babysit for one of them!! 

Here are some of the pictures I took with my cousin's 2 year old daughter (I just tend to call her my little cousin, it is easier that way) the other day. She was in a really playful mood the day I was looking after her, and wanted to take lots of photos, and they were so cute, I decided I had to share some them :D. 
Trying to catch the camera! That is one of her all time favourite games to play with me. She is sooo cute!!! I wish I had a better photo of her though - she has the most stunning blue eyes. You can kinda see them here, but they are even more amazing in real life!! :D I'm rather jealous to be honest haha ;) 
Playing with my bracelet! 
This one is my absolute favourite!! Isn't it gorgeous?! We went for a walk, and were looking at the flowers blooming all around. She was entranced by all the pretty colours, and would tell me ever single like she saw a flower, and we'd have to pick one. This photo was her offering her little bouquet of daisies we picked to me. So cute! She's just learning to talk, so words like "daisy" and "white" and "red" and "spider" are repeated over and over. She can't quite say my name (my actual name, she can say Daisy just fine haha), she says a Y instead of the first letter. That really brings back memories for me, as that was what my little brother used to call me when we were really little! :D 

I love taking walks with my darling little cousin, because everything about the world is so new and amazing for her. It reminds me to appreciate things. 


Violet said...

Your cousin is so cute Daisy! :) And I love the last photo! ;)

Daisy said...

I must say I'm inclined to agree with ya there, Violet!! She is adorable ♥
Hehe, I thought you would! :)