Friday, 10 August 2012


As exams rapidly approach, I find myself having to review yet again my study techniques. So I just thought I’d let you all know that I’ve found a useful website, Quizlet, where you can create your own flashcards and test yourself through a few games and tests. Quizlet can be found at: Check it out, particularly if you (like me), are nearing the exam season!

(And yes, for those who are interested, my username on Quizlet is VioletNZ. Feel free to have a look at some of the flashcards I’ve made!)

Also, here is a reminder as exams approach, or for anyone else who is struggling with anxiety! I always struggle to bring everything, including exams, to the Lord in prayer – but it is something we MUST do! God wants us to do our best in exams as in everything, I am sure, but we are reminded this verse that anxiety is not a heart attitude that God wants us to have (something I fail in!) He wants our trust to ultimately be in Him and His provision rather than simply in our own strength. Help me to remember this verse during this time, Lord! Yet, help me not to become lazy either that I may be doing my very best for You!

On a different note, here is a lovely picture I found! I wish this is what studying for exams looked like; serene, peaceful and organised, but in reality (at least in my case!) it is chaos: paper flying everywhere, coffee at hand, frantic scribbling….I do love this picture, though. I wish one could wear a lovely flowing dress like this while doing revision (sigh!) but I guess it is slightly impractical, especially as one is likely to end up with inky fingers! I wonder how she managed not to get anything on that lovely dress, especially as it appears she is painting something?

That is all I have time for, as more exam revision awaits . . . ! Have a lovely day! :D



Emma said...

I love quizlet. It is a great website.

Violet said...