Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Auditions!!

Well, I have a few minutes here, so I'm going to do a quick post, to keep you all up to date on the production!! I'm sorry I've been so busy recently, and have had hardly any time to post - I am trying to find time though!! :) Working on planning, scripting, choreographing, casting, co-ordinating and organizing the play is taking precedence at the moment I'm afraid! 
The Team: My mum - the musical director, my brother, me
(Daisy) - the director, my assistant, Violet - the secretary,
and our choreographer!! :)

But anyway... 
We had an absolutely AMAZING audition day!! Both Violet and I were run right off our feet, but it was well worth it (well, I think so!). I woke up really early that morning, feeling really nervous. My main concern was that not many people would turn up, as we hadn't had all that big a response by email. As I was getting ready, however, I received 3 phone calls from people wanting to audition! I was pretty excited about that. It served very well to remind me not to worry, God is in control. If He wanted there to be lots of people at the auditions, there would be, and if He didn't, there wouldn't, and no amount of worrying would change that. Once I got over those initial nerves, I started to see that all of our hard work had paid off, we were very well prepared, and that it was going to be a really good day!
Violet at our "information desk"

We headed down to the church hall half an hour before the auditions were set to begin. People were using many of the rooms in the church we had hoped to be able to use when we arrived, but thankfully, they cleared out fast, and we were still able to get all set up.

Violet was running the information desk, which was where people went to receive the information and forms they needed, my mum was running the vocal auditions, my assistant was running the acting auditions and our choreographer, the dancing ones. My job was basically to go between all three, and keep things going the way they were meant to.

People started arriving early, and we were kept busy the whole time, from 1pm, almost straight through to 4pm, when we gave the results. But it was so much fun, and really exciting too, getting to see all the talent! Some we had seen from the show we put on last year (you can read about that at here: and there are pictures from the rehearsals and actual shows in the photo gallery), but there were also a lot of people we had never met before, which was really cool!! :) All in all, we saw more than 40 people at that first round of auditions (what was I worried about?!), and we were able to cast almost all the lead roles, and fill the choir and chorus roles. We are also having a second, smaller audition session on Friday afternoon, because quite a few people were not able to make it last Saturday and are still really keen!! :D Exciting!!!!

We ended the day exhausted, but looking forward to what is to come - I sure can't wait to start rehearsals!! :D
Violet and me, tired after a long, but exciting day of auditions :D
Sorry, I got more of the kitchen in the photo than us haha :p

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Violet said...

Yes, that day sure was tiring but worth every minute of it! Thanks for posting this, Daisy, it really captures the excitement of the day!!! :D I so look forward to working with you on this production and I can't wait to get started as well!
God bless and have a lovely week, my friend!