Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Bubble Tea!!!

(Postscript: This post has been a long time in coming, so sincere apologies as this happened several weeks ago)!

Sometimes our inital perceptions can be wrong.

That is what I discovered a few weeks ago when Daisy, Sakura and I went to the Black Pearl Cafe where I had my first taste of a wonderful drink called bubble tea! I was quite wary of tasting it at first, but Daisy and Sakura were all too happy to educate me and I have come to the conclusion that while it still cannot outrank Daisy's amazing magic cordial (see this post) as my favourite drink, it is certianly a must try for everyone! Below are some lovely photos taken from our outing:

Yay, bubble tea!!!
Our bubble tea (from L to R): Violet's, Sakura's, Daisy's!

Cheesy grins as we enjoy our bubble tea

More cheesy grins!

Um...yes, we kind of destroyed the bubble tea covers!

Afterwards we went out for a walk and quick photo shoot!

Three friends: Daisy, Violet and Sakura

What a wonderful day!!! :) Thanks to Sakura for doing this amazing collage!
Thank you, Daisy and Sakura for all the wonderful times we've been able to spend together so far and I hope we'll have many more to come!!! Below are some lovely quotes I found recently which I think really sum up our friendship (all pictures curteousy of Pinterest):

Have a blessed week, both of you! :)

1 comment:

Daisy said...

BUBBLE TEA!!!! :D Best thing eeeever!!! ♥ Hehe
Sorry Violet, I have to say, I think bubble tea is better than magical cordial myself ;)
That was such a lovely afternoon, we must go again sometime soon!! :D
Haha, and the photo of our cups - love how mine is the only one that is mutilated - typical xP