Saturday, 8 September 2012

What An Exciting Day!

  Well, today has been one crazy day, but also one I'm sure neither Violet, nor I, will ever forget!!
It all began with Violet's ladies tea party, to celebrate her birthday! 
Me (Daisy), Sakura (our soon-to-be fellow blogger here on
Violets and Daisies), Violet and another friend of ours!
 I went over to Violet's first thing in the morning, and helped her to set it up. We set out all the tea things on the table (including sugar lumps, much to Violet's delight!), and scones out on a really pretty tiered tea-tray, which Violet had bought with her birthday money. It  made the table look really lovely! Then we got changed into our outfits. Violet wore her dress from when she played Juliet in a homeschool movie of Romeo and Juliet a few years ago. I ended up wearing a skirt belonging to my Mum haha. All the girls looked really pretty, dressed up!! And we had such a good time. We played games like  Guess The Classical Literature Book Title (a very Violet-ish game!) and Psychiatrist (I loooove this game) and then we had our tea party! Violet's little sister served us as the maid, which made it feel very grown up and posh :D
Violet asked me to add this one - its off Pinterest,
and it is one of her favourite quotes :D

The Ladies: Hyacinth, Sakura, a friend of ours, Violet, another
friend of ours, me (Daisy), and Violet's two younger sisters!
A failed attempt at a Victorian photo :P
Me (Daisy) and Sakura
 After the party, we had the first proper rehearsal for our Christmas musical!! After we had changed, my mum picked Violet, Sakura and I up. Sakura and I are the choreographers for the play, so we spent the next hour or so getting things ready for the dancers, whilst my Mum, who is the musical director, started work with the choir. Violet is my wonderful secretary, so she was kept busy sorting forms, and taking photos! Here are a few of the photos she took of us in our costumes for the Chinese dance from yesterday, as well as some from today's rehearsal!  
We really liked the effect of this one!
 In our costumes - so exciting!!!! :D
Me (Daisy) bossing all the dancers around :P 
 We ended up teaching 4 different dances today, so Sakura and I were reaaally tired by the end, but we'd had a great time!! :) And Violet and I got lots of planning done, which was great too. 
And that was when things got um, interesting... 
Whilst us three girls were finishing off the last dance of the rehearsal, my Mum went off to pick something up, and was about to head back to us, but the van wouldn't start. At all. So she had to walk quite a way, in the rain, back to the church where were practising. I forgot to check my phone, so we had no idea where she was. But we just thought she was running late, so we proceeded to pack up, and Sakura headed home. Then my poor mother turned up - rain drenched, and not particularly happy. But then a family friend came and rescued us (Violet says "damsels in distress"), and took us home to get the other car. 

We had to rush from there to one of my singing practices, then over to where our van was stranded. Whilst we were waiting for the tow-truck to turn up, Mum treated Violet and I to a yummy dinner at a nearby cafe. Then we had the exciting experience of watching our van being towed away. I think the other people on the street enjoyed it too haha. Violet in particular was highly amused. She also had the great privilege of getting to hold onto the van's contents in a massive carry bag, whilst I photographed the happenings! 



Ella said...

Sounds like ya"ll had fun! Aren't friends such a blessing?

Kirstin said...

so i have finally managed to create a blog so i can now comment on your blog haha :) love you guys <3 xo