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Random Acts of Kindness

I saw this on the Facebook page of one of my favourite Christian authors - Karen Kingsbury - yesterday, and it really inspired me. It is part of the lead up to the release of her new book "The Bridge". Looking forward to reading it!! :D 


Let's take part in changing our world this fall, this Christmas. 
A central theme throughout THE BRIDGE is Random Acts of Kindness. Now it's our turn to make a difference in our communities. Look at how many of us are here! We can make a difference, friends ... 

MY STORY: When I moved to Tennessee I was shocked when twice in one week as I pulled up to the drive-thru coffee window the cashier told me not to worry about it.
"Someone else already paid for you."
I was baffled. "Why would they do that?"
"The car in front paid for them." She smiled. "People do it all the time. Random Acts of Kindness."
I smiled and paid for the person behind me. A hot latte never tasted so good!

YOUR STORY: Here's the challenge. People desperately need hope. Politically, economically, and socially we are at a very low point. Last week we topped the $1 trillion mark in annual welfare payments in the U.S., thirty percent more than only a few years ago. People are discouraged.

WE can HELP.

Since HOPE and SECOND CHANCES are the message of THE BRIDGE ... let's give a STRANGER the REASON TO BELIEVE AGAIN."

That was the first part of her challenge. The second half of it was telling about how she encourages people to give their copy of the book "The Bridge" to people who they think need it, because the message of The Bridge is one of eternal hope. 

And this is what was up today, as part two of The Bridge Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. 



Okay, Friends, I told you I'd share a story with you today, the reason I feel inspired to have a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge in connection with THE BRIDGE
 ... here we go!

Many of you know my reader friend Hope Painter. She's a sweet girl and just about every day hanging out in my virtual living room. Hope lives on the East Coast and the events of 9-11 touched her personally. She was part of the evacuation and she saw things that will stay with her forever. Sometime after the terrorist attacks, Hope read my book ONE TUESDAY MORNING ... and God used it to change her life for Him. Today, Hope has a wonderful young son named Kingston and the joy of the Lord is on them both.

This past anniversary of 9-11, Kingston - on his own - decided to spend his birthday money buying four copies of ONE TUESDAY MORNING to hand out to strangers at the 9-11 Memorial. I heard about this and thought it was super kind. I remember getting tears in my eyes at the thought of this child's heart, and how much Jesus loves little children. But seriously I never thought I'd hear anything beyond that.

Then, two days later, I received a letter from a woman who told me she hadn't been back to New York City in eleven years. Her best friend had been killed in the attacks and she had never quite recovered. This year, though, she felt compelled to return to the city and visit the 9-11 Memorial, maybe just put her hand on her friend's name and hope for some closure.

So there she was, her hand on her cousin's name when a little boy came up and tapped her arm. She turned and he handed her a copy of ONE TUESDAY MORNING ... Then he smiled at her and ran back to his mother. The woman put the book in her bag, and started reading it on the Subway ride home. She never put it down. At the end she went straight to the computer and wrote to me. "My life will never be the same," she said. "I have hope again. I believe again. I will never forget what that child did through his kindness."


So if little Kingston can do that, then imagine what you can do!!"  

So yeah, that really inspired me! Not just to give away copies of books, but just to try and do random acts of kindness in all areas of life. It really got me thinking about what I could do to make little differences in the lives of people around me. I haven't really thought of anything specific yet, but I hope you will all join me in this challenge!! :)  Even something as simple as a smile can make a difference - my amazing friends teach me that every day :D 

God bless, Daisy xo

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