Thursday, 11 October 2012

Un Lugar Celestial :)

By Violet and Hyacinth!!! :)

Here is a song that we both like! Sung by Jaci Velasquez. :) I (Hyacinth) sung it with Lily at a concert earlier this year. We mixed the Spanish and English versions as we both love to sing in Spanish. :) Here it is and also the English lyrics that both Violet and I like. 

When all my skies are grey, I simply steal away
Into my secret hiding place.
When hearts are cold as ice, the breath of paradise
Blows warm and gentle on my face.
I know I need my time alone with Him,
His healing waters flowing deep within.
Don't have to wish upon a distant star,
'cause the light of love fills my heart.

Un lugar celestial, [a heavenly place]
Just a little bit of heaven sent from up above.
Un lugar celestial, [a heavenly place]
Where the presence of my Father holds me in His love.
Un lugar celestial. [a heavenly place]

Hope you liked listening to it!!! Hyacinth and I (Violet) have had a lovely afternoon together, with only the slight interruption of someone doing a survey phoning to ask if anyone was at home who were 65 or older! Which I most certainly am not! :p 

To finish up, here is a quick quote that sums up what happens when Daisy, Violet, Hyacinth and Lily all get together!!! ;)


Daisy said...

Thanks for posting that, Hyacinth (and Violet)!! I've been meaning to ask you the name of that song, because I really liked it when you girls sang it :D
Love ya loads xooxoxox ♥

The Singer said...

That's a really nice song!! Thanks for sharing it! :)