Saturday, 3 November 2012

An Amazing Voice! :)

I have a friend. She has the most AMAZING voice, and a real gift of singing out her heart to the Lord in every song. And her name is….

DAISY! Open-mouthed smile

Surprise, surprise! :P Well, this young lady has numerous gifts from the Lord, and unlike many of us (i.e. me!) she uses them! Singing is one such gift, something she shares with her mother (who is a music teacher). I know you don’t boast about your singing achievements, Daisy, but you are really gifted in this area, and it’s amazing to see the way God uses it for His glory! 

So true of you, Daisy! Image from Pinterest

So I thought it was high time all you in the blogging world got a chance to hear Daisy’s amazing voice, as we haven’t actually posted about it before, yet it is such a big part of her life, particularly as she is now using it as a central focus of her second play (which she is currently directing). Recently, I had the privilege of hearing Daisy sing at a local competition where she was placed second, which was really exciting! So hear is a YouTube clip of one of the songs from it. Enjoy!

God bless you, Daisy, and may you always use your voice for God’s glory and to serve Him!



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Daisy said...

Aww, Violet!! That was so very sweet of you to post!! ♥ I'm really glad you enjoy my singing, and I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!!! :D xxx