Saturday, 10 November 2012

I Love the Library!

Here is a video done about our local library! Watch it and enjoy! :D

Is your local library a cosy spot where you love to hang out? Or do you avoid it like the plague? I know that I would find it hard to cope without this special place to go to find some peace and quiet! 

One thing I love about our library is it's huge emphasis on archives and history! At the moment, it's having its annual history week so there have been lots of talks there. I attended one, where the author of the blog Envirohistory NZ did a seminar presentation based on her recent research. It was fascinating!!! 

So if you're ever visiting a town, pop in and take a look its library, or if you haven't gone to your local library in ages, why not try now? You may be surprised! 

Oh, and as an aside, thank you so much to my sister for treating me to a cafe outing (*hug*) - I really enjoyed it! As well as bumping into Lily there! :D


Joanna said...

Avoid the library like the plague? Never! Haha. I love my library. It's such a neat environment! However, I'm a little jealous that your library puts huge emphasis on archives and history! I love that!
Lovely post!

Violet said...

Thanks - I adore our little library! :D I can't even begin to imagine how someone could want to avoid it!