Monday, 26 November 2012

More graduation photos

Here are some more photos from my graduation! Enjoy! :D

Daisy and I walked to my house with Sakura (who took this photo) for a yummy dinner before the graduation. There they had fun getting me all dressed up and doing my hair! :D

In the back of the van on the way to the ceremony with Daisy and Sakura! Thanks for coming to it, both of you (and Hyacinth and Lily), it really made it so special! <3

The ceremony!

Again, thanks to all who made it and supported me - I really appreciated it, even though I didn't get to talk to you all much there! Thank you for all being such good friends and supporting me throughout my time at high-school, even when that meant that I wasn't able to be there and doing things with you all as much as I'd like. Thanks for being my friends! :)

1 comment:

Daisy said...

We love you Violet!! ♥
Thanks for just being you, and for being an amazing friend!!!!!
God bless,
P.S. You'd better take heaps of photos tomorrow!!! ;)