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NCEA Level 3: Othello

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As I was looking at this text for revision, it got me thinking what do I really believe about it? As a Christian in a secular school, it is so, so, so important that I am always critiquing what I am learning based on what the Bible says - something I am so inclined to forget to do! But it really struck me as  I was going over this text how much it shows us about ourselves that I just thought I had to share with you some ponderings I had about the subject. My prayer that is if you, like me are studying this text, you would really search the scriptures and see what the Lord has to say about it. May what I write here help you in that endevour! 

My Views on Othello
By: Violet

A debate raging among different literary commentators regarding this text tends to center on who is ultimately responsible for Othello's downfall – Othello himself or Iago the manipulator? I personally believe that this text, when brought into the context of the Bible, serves to illustrate that often while to a certain extent we are all morally accountable for our sins (we are all sinners!) and so there may not be one person to blame in a tragedy like this, nevertheless, we each have an individual responsibility to stand up against wrong and not to give in to sin. No matter how justified he felt in his actions, and even if Desdemona had been sinning against him, at the end of the day it was Othello who murdered her and Othello who did not stand up against the clearly wrong counsel of his friend, Iago. Iago, likewise, must be held morally accountable for his actions – neither he nor Othello responded in a way that was right according to their situation. 

This play ought to serve as a reminder to us that even the most outwardly upright of people are sinners and can fall prey to sin in unimaginable ways - it really astounded me how many modern day examples there are that parallel Othello's life – let us not be such a person but rather strive always to serve our Saviour!

When studying this, it is helpful to bear in mind this verse: “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” ~ Romans 3:23. May the Lord be with you as you serve Him in your life!

From your (very busy!) sister in Christ

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