Monday, 26 November 2012

The X-Factor USA

This season of The X-Factor USA is something I have really been enjoying. I don't know if any of  you blogging people like it/follow it - I have to say the fact that I am enjoying it is unusual (I'm not really into shows like that normally and Violet definitely isn't!), but I just had to share a few of these amazing performances from their Live Show this week. The theme for this week's show was Thanksgiving (funnily enough :P) and this is what these groups gave thanks for in their songs.
Fifth Harmony was put together by the judges for The X-Factor, after each of the girls were eliminated. I think they are really good as a group, but I more than that, I think it is amazing that all 5 of the girls are Christians, and that God allowed them to be put into a group together, out of thousands and thousands of contestants. He is so good!! I will be praying that Fifth Harmony will continue to thank Him, and to sing for God alone.

Carly Rose Sonenclar - well, she is just AMAZING!!!! If you haven't heard any of her other performances, I highly recommend you look them up, they are so beautiful! ♥ And her relationship with her big brother is so cute too.
And last, but certainly not least, we have Diamond White. I really connected with the way she was thanking her mum in this song - my Dad hasn't really been around for much of my life, so she is everything to me and my brother ♥ And Diamond's version of this song is beautiful!

And also, I'm so proud of my volleyball team!! We've won every game except one this season :D Its been amazing being able to play with you guys - its been so cool to watch everyone improving so much - and thanks for all the laughs, hard work and good times as well. Can't wait for next season!! 

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Hello all! As you probably know, Violet awarded me the Liebster a while ago, and I have tagged Daisy, Hyacinth and Lily at my blog, Jane Austen Mad. Feel free to check out my other blogs as well!

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