Monday, 31 December 2012

Bring on the New Year!!

I can't believe 2012 is almost over already! Its been an amazing year in many ways. I have learnt so much and have had so many incredible opportunities. I really thank God for this year - for both the bad things He has allowed me to learn from, and for the many, many good things He has blessed me with. I can't wait to see what 2013 holds in store for me! Its my senior high school year, which is kinda freaking me out - can't believe that I'm almost there already! - and I have a lot of things I want to do, but I'm looking forward to finding out what God's plans for the year are! But anyway, only 6 hours till New Year now, so I decided it would be fun to celebrate my 2012 in photos!! Here are my some of the high-lights of the year: 
Fun with Lily, Hyacinth and other friends ♥
Hyacinth and I played in a football tournament!! :D

Fun in the holidays - thanks Hyacinth and Lily!
YC'12 - an AMAZING experience!!
Violet and I had a wonderful time on the way up, and the
way back from camp
Cantabile - my vocal trio
English Country Dancing!! Thanks for calling it, Lily!!
Cantilena - my amazing chamber music trio!
My brother's dance squad, which I was privileged to perform
in - thanks Stan! :)
Ice Skating in the city centre with Lily and Hyacinth ♥
Lots and lots of futsal!! :D (Its like indoor soccer)
The auditioning team for A Royal Feast: The Flavour of

Volleyball team - such a good team this season!! Can't wait to
play with you all again next term!!
I got to watch Coldplay in Auckland in November!!! It was
soooooooo good!! And it was a really special day too :)
Violet's graduation - whoop whoop!!
All the great times we had preparing for The Flavour of
All my time spent working on the show with Sakura and
Violet - you girls really are treasures, and you both blessed
me so much this year ♥
And last, but not least, the photoshoot Violet and I did the
other day!!
Well, that's it from me for now!! I will be back with more soon - exciting to think that my next post will be in the year 2013!! God bless you all, my wonderful friends, family and our amazing readings!! I love you all lots, and thank you for the role each and every one of you play in my life. Looking forward to spending the next year with you all!!

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