Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Our Production (A few photos!)

Well, it is finally all over. More than 6 months of extremely hard work, resulting in 4 sold out shows, and hundreds of wonderful memories. That's right - our second ever production is over - we have finished with The Flavour of Christmas!
Our amazing cast - I (Daisy) am right to the left of the Jester, about the king
I'm not going to go into detail telling you all about it, all I'm going to say is it was another amazing experience, which I will never forget!! God was so good to us!! ♥ And here are some of my favourite pictures, taken mostly by Violet's dad! I will share some of the official photos with you too, once they come out!! :D  
I love this photo of Sakura, Violet and me!!
We all look rather tired, but it is so cute! :D

Sakura (in red) and me (in pink) - both centre - with our
dancers ♥ 

Sir George, The Boy and The Dragon from The Reluctant
Dragon segment of the play
Our beautiful stage manager - aka Violet!
Sakura (dark blue) and I perform the Oriental Dance!
The Royal Family!
The Madrigal Choir - lead by my mother!!
My amazing crew!! Violet is on the left in cream, next to
Sakura (who is in red) and I am sitting with my mum on the
right :)

A whole bunch of us went and took photos in front of the
lights at the after party! :D
Phewf!! Well, that's definitely enough photos for now!! Violet and I will be back posting more regularly now it is all over (I hope :P). We have missed you all! ♥

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