Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Happy New Year Photo Shoot! :)

Hello all!

First of all - happy new year! We pray that God will be at the centre of our lives throughout 2013 - and by His grace at the centre of yours too!

With both Daisy and I (Violet) on holiday it seems we've finally had a lot more time to do photo-shoots and try out the new camera Violet got for Christmas! We hope you've all been having as lovely a break as we have and that the Lord would truly bless you over the New Year. We apologise for not really doing any Christmassy posts, but then again here in NZ, our Christmas is summery so there's not an awful lot of typical Christmassy things (like snow!) about. Apologies in advance for how tired we look in all these photos - we are both still recovering from the production! :D

Ring the doorbell! :) Violet loves doing this every time she visits Daisy!
Daisy - a photo that didn't quite work out how we wanted it :(
Daisies in the sunshine!
Daisy with the daisies!!!
Pretty Daisy!
Violet loves how these photos turned out! <3
Camera shy ... or not! (yes, Daisy, Violet is in an insulting Daisy mood! :p)
As you can tell, we loved photographing the daisies, but I'm afraid Daisy's prettiness outshone them!
Violet enjoying the sunshine!
Picking daisies...
Yes, things were going pretty well until Violet ruined the photo shoot by uprooting a whole heap of daisies :(

Violet + Daisy = Friends Forever!!! <3 Please excuse our tiredness - this is what happens after productions!
Violet outside the entrance to the riverside.
Daisy at her favourite spot by the river.
Daisy and the river

God bless!


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Daisy said...

That is such a nice post Violet!! :) Thanks for all the fun the other day - you are right, it was nice to just do nothing for a change hehe :D You are beautiful, my friend ♥
God bless, and you are constantly in my prayers!