Thursday, 7 February 2013

Another Liebster Blog Tag

Hello all!

I've been tagged again for the Liebster Blog award, this time by Laura of Book Reviews and Everyday Life.While I've already done this one before, I loved the questions she thought up and so I thought I'd quickly answer them. Anyone who sees this and has not done the Liebster Blog before is welcome to try it out (the rules can be found here). Thanks heaps Laura!
  1. Do you search through the Phone book to find your last name? 
    Yes, I've done this before, and if I remember correctly there were a surprising number of people with my surname in it. I'd always thought it wasn't a common surname, but apparently it is! :P
  2. Do you like your middle name? 
    Yes! Although I do prefer my first name. My parents decided to go with names they liked for our first name and for the middle name they choose Biblical ones. Mine is Anne, derived from the Biblical character, Anna.
  3. What's your favourite movie? 
     In terms of a favourite series I love the 2005 BBC Bleak House based on the book of the same name by Charles Dickens, but in terms of a movie it would definitely be Miss Potter, based on the life of the children's author, Beatrix Potter.
  4. Have you read the Hobbit? 
    To be honest, I can't remember! I certianly do recall attempting to read it about eight or nine years ago but I'm not sure if I ever actually finished it or whether I stopped somewhere in the middle. I do remember that I personally didn't find it particularly engrossing at the time, though I LOVED the Lord of the Rings trilogy when I got around to reading that. I'm currently trying to read The Hobbit to my younger brother, so I'll see if I can complete it that way! 
  5. Do you have any older siblings? 
    Nope! I have the priviledge of being the oldest! :D Sometimes I do wish I had an older sibling though, probably an older brother.
  6. How many Best Friends do you have? 
    Hmm, that's a tricky one! In terms of best friends that I have regular onging contact with, I'd say about six, but I do also have about four other friends that I get on really well with but because they don't live in the same city I don't see them very often. :(
  7. Do you have an email address? 
    Yes, though I won't post it here obviously! If you ever need to contact me, just leave a comment on this blog. ;) 
  8. Do you prefer dresses or skirts or jeans? 
     I sometimes feel a bit out of place and old-fashioned when I admit that I personally would choose a skirt over jeans or a dress any day of the week. I used to save my skirts especially for Sundays but now that I have bought quite a few (to the point where I own more skirts than dresses, jeans and three-quarter pants combined) I can't resist wearing skirts just about constantly. Certianly, I have learned the hard way that my favourite mode of dress is not the most practical for everyday activities, but I love the way that a skirt makes me feel so girly, dressy and feminine and that it is easy to match tops with and keep modest at the same time.
  9. Who's your favourite author? 
    Charles Dickens wins hands down!!! I LOVE his books so much! Some other favourites I must mention though are Faith Cook, Agatha Christie, Elizabeth Gaskell, Joni Eareckson Tada, Corrie Ten Boom . . . just to name a few!
  10. Do you like gardening? 
    I must confess that until recently I often had my nose in a book or was too wrapped up in study for school to get out into the garden much, but now that I have been I have decided that I absolutely love it!!! I am creating a flower patch which I'm calling my "Friendship Garden" and just the other day I enjoyed planting a rose bush for it! :D
  11. What's your favourite book of the Bible? 
    I don't really have one, but I do love Proverbs because of how applicable it is to our everyday lives. I seriously recommend that if you're ever struggling to apply wisdom in your life, you check out this book of the Bible, as it will probably help a lot (it certianly has helped me recently)

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