Friday, 15 February 2013

Are You Waiting?

I just heard an amazing new song by Christian artists Anthem Lights called "Hide Your Love Away", and it got me thinking.... are we really waiting? Are we keeping everything for our future husbands, doing him "good and not evil all the days of our lives"? (Proverbs 31) It's an important question. You may have never met him, or you might have met him but don't know he's the one yet. Or there might be some guy you like now, but how do you know if he's the one?
 Whether we think he's the right one for us or not, the Bible teaches us to keep our hearts and minds pure. What are we going to be able to present to our husband one day, when we take our vows? Our whole heart, innocent and complete, or a heart that has loved others, one that we've given away over and over again? Not  just our hearts, but our bodies and minds too. How do we view other guys? What goes through our minds? We are responsible for that too. And physically, do we keep ourselves pure? Are we saving ourselves for our husbands? Even if you've done something in the past that you regret, don't forget that you can be pure from now on - make the decision to keep yourself for your husband now and you will not regret it. And pray for him, even now, even not knowing his name, nationality, age, or height. Pray for him to grow into the godly man that you will honour and respect, the man you will become one with. Pray that he will keep himself pure for you, physically, mentally, and emotionally. And the Lord will bring you both together in His perfect time. :)

Are you waiting?

And watch this short video by Anthem Lights, which explains the meaning behind the song. This topic is one that other artists have addressed, like Rebecca St. James in her song "Wait For Me", but it's great to hear it from young godly men who are trying to make a difference. :)

God bless,

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