Saturday, 23 February 2013

My Week in Photos

The last week has been pretty amazing, and I just felt like sharing some of it with all of you :) 
Here are some photos taken from my Instagram...
I babysat my two gorgeous little cousins - Taylor and
Baby Logan :)
He has the cutest little smile!
Hyacinth and I at a football tournament we (and Lily)
competed in last week! :D
My boots are the coolest ;D (The really colourful ones)
Sorry I don't have any really good photos from the
tournament - Hyacinth, you should post some of yours!! :)
My friend Charlotte and I went thrift shopping this
morning - which is always fun :D
I love op shopping, because you can almost always find
really cool, unique things, and they are generally a lot
more modest than most brand new things! :) I wish I
had a photo of this amazing dress we found for Charlotte!!
And we're having a party at church tonight which sounds like its going to be fun. I'm not sure if many of my friends are going, but hopefully we will have a good time anyway :) 
And just before I go, here are a few things I found recently on Pinterest!

 So true.... 
See ya later! Love, 


Violet said...

Nice to see the photos from the soccer event Daisy! :) And I've been enjoying watching 'No Longer Can I Stay' over and over again (and the bloopers of course!) and showing it to my sister for the first time - so many memories!!! :D Thank you so much for it! And I agree - op shopping is great!!!

Anonymous said...

:D And I'm glad you're enjoying it!! What did your sister think?? :)
God bless, and I'm praying for you xx

Violet said...

I think she enjoyed it! :) And thanks for your prayers - they are greatly appreciated! <3 I'm praying for you too, my friend!

Emily said...

Hi Girls!

Just letting you know that I tagged Lily and Hyacinth in my response to "Violets & Daisies Brilliant Blog Bouquet Award".
Just a question about the award, do you have to create your own questions for the people you tag, or do they continue with the same five questions?

Emily :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily,
That's great!! Thank you for that!! :D Nope, its the same 5 questions each time, but thanks for checking!

God bless,
Daisy xo