Friday, 8 February 2013

Our Premiere

Tomorrow, it will be exactly 5 years since Violet, Hyacinth and I began making a movie. You see, it all began when my mother took the three of us out of town to the Medieval Market in a town south of us.
Violet, me and Hyacinth on the way to the Medieval
Market back in the day! Sorry, I didn't have a digital
copy of this picture, so this is the best I could do :P
And when we got back from the market in the afternoon, the three of us decided to make a movie - something we did frequently. But this one was different. It began as the story of a young medieval Lady - Lady Margaret (aka Violet) who got her purse stolen by a pick-pocket boy, Will, (aka Hyacinth - we were little, so her acting as a guy didn't seem bad at all to us back then). The lady gave chance to the pick pocket and stumbled over his little sister, Ellie (aka me, Daisy). Well, we finished making that movie that afternoon - I recently edited it, and it is quite hilarious. The storyline is rather unusual, as is our acting. But we loved it. So, we decided to remake it, and involve all of our friends!
The cast of No Longer Can I Stay... - see if you can spot Violet, Hyacinth,
Lily and me! :D You might recognise a few others too, from other blog
posts (they are a LOT smaller there though!)
We finished filming the movie at the end of 2009. It took us a long while, as we would just get together and film bits and pieces of it whenever we could/whenever we felt like it. Once we had finished, I began the looong editing process. It took me far longer than it should have, mainly because I just did it in my spare time. 
Violet as Lady Margaret
All of the footage got lost once, but I was able to recover it - praise the Lord!! Then we were without a computer I could edit on for ages and ages. Then, at the beginning of 2012, an older friend GAVE me her old computer to edit on - God is so good!
A very little Daisy (me) as Ellie Huntley

After that, things went more smoothly for a while. I finished editing the main part of the movie, added music, and worked out that the movie was a bit too cryptic to outsiders who hand't been involved (and to some who had been!) so I organised for Violet, Hyacinth, Lily and I to film some extra bits, to narrate the storyline. 
Lady Margaret (Violet), and her mother, Lady Kristine (Lily)
It was looking really good - remembering that this started out as the pet project of ours when when weren't yet teenagers :D Actually, Violet may have been... But anyhow.... And just as I added the final credit, and was about to hit save on the movie, I saw a blinking on the screen, and the entire computer shut down :O. Turns out a virus had attached the computer and there was a high likelihood of us losing everything on it - including the movie, and all of the footage stored there. I was so upset!! 

But, once again, the Lord was gracious. The next day at church, He sent a computer technician to come and talk to mum, and she asked him what he would recommend we do. Well, then ended up in the computer technician coming over for the afternoon, and spending around 4 hours removing the virus. And over the next week, he was able to save our movie!!! :D :D :D I am so, so, so glad! 

I had wanted to premiere it mid-year last year, but I'm afraid our Christmas production "The Flavour of Christmas" got in the way :P So, tomorrow, on the 5th anniversary of its birth, we are holding the premiere for "No Longer Can I Stay..." (I have to say, it is the random-est title in the world, and I can't even remember where it came from haha). I am the only one who has seen our movie all the way through so far, and I look forward to sharing it with everyone tomorrow. I'm sure we will all laugh our heads off at our little kiddish acting, and the, um, numerous historical inaccuracies, but I know we will all having an amazing time too - all those great memories :D 
A photo taken at our filming session mid-last year: Violet as Lady Margaret
me (Daisy) and Ellie Huntley, and Hyacinth as Sir Jack Huntley. I love this
photo, but poor Hyacinth!! I know she would NEVER play a guy if we were
to make this movie now haha :P However, she definitely makes for the prettiest
guy I know ;)
I look forward to sharing some premiere photos with you all soon!! 
God bless, 


Megan and Abby said...

I am a HUGE fan of home-made movies! If you ever have a notion to share your video in the blogging world, I would love to see it! Don't feel obliged, though, if you don't want to. There are tons of videos I know I wouldn't think of sharing with people outside my family! :)

God bless! -Abby

Daisy said...

If I ever do share it with the blogging world, I will make sure to let you know, Abby :D Home-made movies are amazing, I definitely agree!
God bless xx

Violet said...

Maybe you could just make a trailer of it with the bits you feel comfortable sharing Daisy?