Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Hobbit World Premiere!!! (Part 2)

I must apologise for the massive delay in this post (you can read part 1 of this post here). There's actually a funny story behind it. We went to see the red carpet function for the Hobbit premiere in Wellington last year, but right before all the actors and actress appeared, our camera ran out of battery! :( Fortunately, there was a girl from my church who had travelled to see it with us who had also brought her camera, and so now I do at last some of her photos as well as the ones we took before the camera batteries died to show you. Enjoy! :D

The entrance to the theatre where the world premiere screening occured.

I loved this amazing painting advertising 'The Middle of Middle Earth'.
In Waitangi Park (in Wellington) they had a big screen up showing the proceedings.
Shortly before the premiere started, we went and visited Rivendell!
Looking at a signpost with Elvish writing on it (I'm on the left).

Hey - we're just taller than Gimli the dwarf!

Going over a swingbridge! :p
Back in town, we saw people all dressed up!
People waiting by the red carpet
Me near the stage (the thing with grass in the background)

Some of the sights...
The stage
A poster of the dwarves
Another poster

Media personnel

Some people on the theatre roof!
Screen showing what was going on further down the red carpet
More media
A poster with Galadriel on it
Air New Zealand ladies (an Air NZ plane flew overhead during the premiere)

And finally . . .

Andy Serkis (left), Cate Blanchett (centre) and Elijah Wood (far right) on the stage

A camera . . . and Peter Jackson! :D
Hope that interested you and captured some of the excitement of the day!


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Bethy said...

That would have been amazing! I loved the movie.
Beth xxx