Monday, 11 February 2013

The Official Photos from our Premiere!

These are the photos from the premiere of our film, which my family was delighted to host the other night :D You can read more about of film on my previous post here:
With my Grandma, before we began 
Me (Daisy) and Violet!
With my amazing grandparents!! :D
All dressed up!
Violet and I with some other cast members (recognize my
beautiful friend Charlotte?)
Me (Daisy), Hyacinth, Lily and Violet in the back row,
plus some of the other past members!
Lily and Hyacinth arrive :D
Friends forever!
Me with my brother, Stan, and my Mum :)
Hyacinth and Violet receiving flowers :D 
The three of us are awarded by my mother 
A photo of all the cast members who were there!
With my friend Charlotte 
The "Winters family" from the movie! You may recognise
Violet's sister and little brother :D
Crazy Daisy, Hyacinth, and Violet on the edge :D
Love this one! Hyacinth, me and Violet
Violet, Hyacinth and Lily - love these girls!!
All four of the bloggers from Violets and Daisies!! Hyacinth
and Lily behind, Violet and me (Daisy) in front :D
Lots of love, and God bless you all,


Violet said...

Yay - it's been lovely to see all the photos! ;) Thanks for organising the premiere Daisy - it was SO much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

You are SO welcome, Violet!! :D I had an amaaazing time, and I'm so glad y'all did too!! :)
God bless you today (and every day!)