Friday, 8 March 2013

I'm going to run away with the circus...

 Nah, I'm not really xD But the circus I saw last night sure made me wish I could!! It was definitely the best circus I have ever seen - it was simply incredible! I'm sorry these aren't very good quality, but here are some of the photos I took on my cell phone, plus I'll try to find some better ones on the web :)

Lights go down in the Big Top (circus tent) - its about to
The acrobats run through the crowd

The first of MANY amazing human pyramids - this one was
made whilst they were all juggling hats haha 
They used this see-saw to bounce people from one end up
onto another person's legs, and they would then flip off of
each other!
The ladies perform some acrobatics high above
the ring
Can't believe how strong these ladies must
have been to be able to hang full body weight
off each other!!
And all that's stopping them from falling to
their deaths is the top girl's feet through the
hoop... incredible! They were perfect!!
Yes, she is standing on points on his head.... 
And bending over backwards
And she couldn't have been more than twelve either!!
'cus who doesn't play jump-rope with 3 ropes
whilst also in a human pyramid, whilst
The roller-skate tricks were amazing!! Its
hard to see, but in this picture, the one girl
was hanging by a tiny rope from the other girl's
neck twirling around - it was amazing!
A rather unusual use for chairs XD
Another "normal" use for chairs! Haha!
I wish I had some photos of the clowns - they were incredible too!! And the last act, well, that was simply amazing!! There is a video that shows what that is, but I'm afraid my phone died :( I'll try and upload my brother's copy tomorrow so that you can all share a taste in the most exciting part of a fantastic show!! 
The Big Top circus tent as seen from outside!
Hope y'all had an amazing week!
God bless, 


Violet said...

Wow, that looks so exciting but scary! :P I'm glad you had fun at it and thanks for sharing all the neat photos - it sounds like you had a great time. :D

Anonymous said...

It was amazing!!! :D I look forward to sharing some of the videos with you all :)