Monday, 11 March 2013

Our Constant Stronghold

Up and down. Our emotions are constantly up and down.
Some days, you just wake up happy, other days, tired, hurting and angry inside. Sometimes we start out the day well, and end up in a terrible mood. And sometimes we start out feeling awful, and just one little thing turns the entire day around.

The same goes for our walks of faith. Sometimes one goes through a phase of feeling the Lord's presence all around, and seeing His hand in everything. Then you might go through a down phase where you feel stale and dry in your faith.

But there are two things I have come to learn. The first is even when we are constantly changing in our moods and feelings, God is constantly the same. He never change. Situations change, people change, you change, your moods change. But God is the one constant in our lives, the one thing we can always rely on. God is always the same - always just, always loving towards His children, always in control.

The second thing I have learnt is that if you keep your eyes on Him, and pray continually, asking for His guidance, He will guide you out of the rut you are stuck in.

One of my close friends had been going through a long period of feeling at a stand still in her walk of faith, but she never gave up praying and trusting in the Lord. The other night, God blessed her with an incredible experience through the Holy Spirit that actually brought her to tears. "It probably wouldn't have meant anything to you, but it spoke to me on such a personal level," she told me later. God speaks to us in ways we can understand. Sometimes it takes a while for us to see, or to realise, but don't ever give up in praying for guidance, God is faithful, He will be your guide, and your constant stronghold. 
God bless,


Violet said...

Thank you so much for writing this Daisy, it is exactly what the Lord wanted me to read today! :D Amazing how you always seem to know (or maybe it's the Lord that knows!) what I am needing to learn each day or be reminded of.

I'm so glad that your friend has come out of her "spiritual slump" and I'll be praying for her, as I can totally identify with feeling like that and it really hard. It's amazing how the Lord uses certian things to work in our lives isn't it?

God bless you my dear friend!
<3 Violet

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that it was a blessing to you, Violet! :) Haha, I had a feeling that it might be something you needed to hear, but thank the Lord for putting that on my heart when He did, right? :)

Yeah, its an awful feeling, and I rejoice that she is out of that now! It is amazing indeed!

God bless you too, my dear friend <3