Saturday, 30 March 2013

Some (Fairly) Recent Blog Changes

Hi all,

Just to share with you some of our neat blog changes!!! If you have any suggestions as to what else we could do to improve our blog, please feel free to comment below.

  • Blog button - Violets and Daisies now has a blog button!!! Feel free to use it on your own blog or other site.
    Violets and Daisies

  • We have a new header! Do you like it? Daisy and I had so much trouble making it and getting everything to fit but we got there in the end! :) We love the photo (very typical - us being silly in a playground)!

  • Our main fonts have changed, so hopefully the posts are more readable.
  • We all now have a signature to use at the end of every post, as you would have already observed.

  •  We have a reader's question section here - so now you, our readers, have an opportunity to suggest a topic that we should blog about. 
  •  A while ago, Daisy and I (Violet) went on one of our photoshoot walks, and took a photo of these gorgeous flowers that looked like daisies. We have now used it as our blog background.

  • There is now an "About Us" section which you can visit here to learn more about how this blog originated and the authors of it.

  • We have started a blog award which you are free to do if you are interested. Simply go here and follow the instructions.

    That's all the changes I can think of for now, but enjoy exploring the blog and we hope you like it!


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