Monday, 15 April 2013

Our first production

Okay, so Violet has been after me for a while to post these, and I have finally gotten around to it! :D Here are the first three scenes from the first musical Family Friendly Productions put on. The play was called Psalty and The Take-Your-Time Machine, and tells the story of how Psalty the Singing Song book and the Kids Praise Kids (anyone else ever listen to them?!) accidentally went back in time! It was almost 2 years ago now - seems so long ago! I had the enormous privilege of being the director of the show!! My mum was the musical director, Lily, Hyacinth and I did most of the choreography, and Violet was the stage manager! So many amazing memories! :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed those scenes! :) I'll try and upload some more to Youtube some time soon, as well as some bits from our more recent musical The Flavour of Christmas, and a few parts from our movie too! 

Hope you all have an amazing week, 
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