Monday, 8 April 2013

Peter Pan

Peter Pan has always been one of my all time favourite children's stories, and I know it is one of Violet's favourite too. I grew up watching, and loving, the Disney version, but it wasn't 'til a few weeks ago that I got the opportunity to see the 2003 acted version, with my youth group. Well, I absolutely loved it!! :)

It tells almost the exact same version of Peter Pan as the Disney animated feature does, but in rather a different way...
This movie is filled with beautiful costumes, lovely special effects and incredible sets.

Personally, I felt they "adultified" a few things too much - some very slight references to things I felt they could have left out... I guess most people find that funny, but I just really don't think its nessasary. Don't worry, there wasn't anything inappropriate really, it was just a thought I had, thanks to a couple of lines :)

But I can honestly say that this did not in any way spoil the movie for me - I found it enchanting!! I would recommend this anyone who loves Peter Pan, magic, fairies, or who didn't want to grow up :D

To be perfectly honest, this trailer doesn't really present the movie as it is... It is a lot more magical, and has a lot less violence too! Either way, this is a lovely movie, which I'm sure most people would love!

And here are some of my favourite quotes :)

Love this one so much!!

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