Monday, 6 May 2013

Another Play!

Well, the second term is recommencing today, for those of us still in school. And this is set to be one craaaazy term for me haha. Its the local singing competitions in a few weeks, which I have yet to finish preparing for, as well as the NZ Secondary Schools Chamber Music competition, which I am delighted to be singing in once again, and I have also been talked into directing a play for the home school children! And hopefully I'll get some school work done on the side XD 

It didn't take all that much "talking into" to get me to do the play actually - it should be really fun! We're performing a short play, which I have *nearly* finished scripting, called Grandma's Folk Tales, which, amazingly enough, contains three folk stories - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Pied Piper of Hamlin and The Stone Soup. I was asked three weeks ago to do this, so it has been a bit of a rush to put together, but hopefully it will turn out okay :) I am holding the Part Try Outs this afternoon - no auditions, anyone who is interested can participate! If anyone wants more info on it, just go here: 

I look forward to sharing more about the play with you all soon :D And this time, I shouldn't have to steal other people's photos, because I have finally saved up for a new camera!! So exciting! It's not the best camera ever - it a lower end SLR, but it is good for a first camera, and I can shoot good photos and good quality film footage off it, so I'm happy! 
Fujifilm FinePix S4500
Haha, well, I better get back to finishing off that script - four days to our first rehearsal, so I probably should get it done :P But I just felt like sharing my news with you all :) I will try and share about my birthday party soon too. 

God bless you all

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Laura said...

I'm going to be away!!! :( :(
Hope it goes really well!!!!!!!!!!!!