Thursday, 2 May 2013

Happy Birthday Daisy!!!

Dear Best Friend, <3

First of all I want to say a {belated} happy birthday!!! It seems incredible to me that yet another year has whizzed by and I'm saying happy birthday to you again, and you are that much closer to adulthood! Time really does fly, but I'm so glad that the Lord enables you to never let it go to waste and that you seem to use every minute to His glory! It really is so inspiring to everyone around you, especially me. It's crazy as well that I have yet to finish my gift to you for your birthday last year - sorry about that! :P

This year (as I'm sure you will agree with me) has been filled with both ups and downs for you but you have been a real example to everyone who knows you for the way you have overcome the obstacles, been cheerful and caring, and always seeking for ways to serve the Lord with your talents. You are crazy yet serious, bubbly yet with a calmness and confidence in the Lord that points others straight back to Him.

I certianly remember how we became friends - though it is rather hazy to me as we seemd to just 'click' - we went from being total strangers to close friends almost overnight! And I can never be thankful to the Lord enough to be able to consider you one of my closest friends, a dear sister in Christ, my accountability partner and mentor, fellow blogger, story-writer, phone yabberer {I don't know if that is a real word, but it certianly is an accurate description!}, film-maker....the list is endless! You have never stopped being there to encourage me in my faith and walk with the Lord, and for this and many more things besides I thank the Lord that He made us friends.

So I (and I'm sure Hyacinth and Lily do too!) want to wish you a very blessed birthday and know that you are always in our prayers. I'm sorry that this blog post was a day late in coming {typical!}, and I hope that you have had a lovely day and will continue to have many more amazing adventures to come. God bless you dear friend, and may He grant you many more happy years of serving Him!

A typical "crazy Daisy" photo pose - sorry Daisy, your expression was so funny that I just  had to post this!!! :P

From your friend,


Daisy said...

Thank you so much Violet!!!! That is such a sweet post <3
You are amazing, my friend, and I thank and praise our God for you (and all my other friends too) each and every day!! I am so blessed!!! May the Lord bless you in abundance too!

I hold you in my heart

Laura said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily said...

Belated VERY happy birthday!