Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lovely Flute & Piano Duets! :)

Hi all,

I have been somewhat absent from the blogging sphere for a while (which has made a good change, actually, I think!) and sadly I'll be blogging very little (if at all!) over the next few weeks as I have exams which are rapidly approaching, and several other commitments. :)

In the meantime, however, I thought I'd share with you some versions from YouTube of some lovely tunes that I am attempting to learn on the flute. They are so pretty! But of course I love classical music so this may not be to everyone's taste! I hope you enjoy listening anyhow. 

Concert in H moll: Concerto in B minor ~ Oskar Rieding
(It's actually arranged for a violin and piano, but mum and I are doing a flute/piano duet of it, which does pose some challenges such as *cough* octave jumping *cough*. It certianly suits the violin better, but still sounds lovely on the flute). 

Sonate: G major ~ Georg Philipp Telemann
(Very pretty, but I would NEVER attempt to try and play some parts as fast as this flautist! :P I'm not that good yet!!!)

Plaisir d'Amour ~ Padre Martini

Entr'acte (Act III Carmen) ~ Georges Bizet

Loeillet Sonata C major ~ revised by Fritz Koschinsky
(Couldn't find a version on YouTube but it is one of my favourite pieces I'm learning at the moment, so if you ever find it, do listen to it!) 

The Penguin Rag ~ Andrew Firth
(Yes, I know that this sounds horrible and electronic, but again it was really the only version I could find on YouTube. It gives you an idea of the tune, but just imagine it with a flute and piano - which makes it sound much nicer, trust me!)

Hope you enjoy listening to these!


Laura said...

Cool, are you learning the flute, too?
I'll see if Charmagne and I can play them!

Violet said...

Yes, I am indeed learning the flute! :) This will be my 7th year of learning & it's so much fun! Sadly, I'm not doing lessons this year, so mum and I have mostly been doing duets together which has been lots of fun and helps keep me motivated! :)

It's neat that you're learning too ~ I love the flute, it's such a beautiful instrument though I am a bit biased!!! If you ever want some music or ideas of fun pieces, just let me know as over the years mum and I have built up quite a collection of flute/piano duets.