Friday, 3 May 2013

Youth Camp '13

The entire camp!
Okay, here ya go guys - this is my post to tell you all about camp!! :D 
For those of you who don't remember, Violet and I went on this camp last year (you can read about it here and here). Violet couldn't make it this year, but I went, along with my brother and my friend Charlotte!! 

We went up with one of the camp administrators :) We left our home town at 6am, and drove for 8 hours to reach the ferry point (the camp is on an island, so we have to make the last part of the journey by boat. Before we left the mainland, we were put into teams. This year the theme was "Boot Camp: Hold the Line". So each team (or squad, as we were called this year) had to have a Boot Camp theme. My brother and I were on the same team this year - the Green team. We called ourselves The Commanded - as we have been commanded by God. I was really pleased about which team I was on, as one of the leaders was one of my best friends from the last camp, and other members of the team were my friends too. 
The Commanded!
The other teams were Trail Blazers (orange), Blue Bullets (blue - what a surprise), and Guns and Roses (red), which was Charlotte's team. By the way, the people who named Guns and Roses don't know anything about the band, it is totally unrelated, just don't get too worried haha. 

The first night basically just involved us taking the beautiful boat ride to the camp site, unpacking the boat, making our team flag, making up a chant, catching up with friends - it was SO nice to see all my old friends again, and to introduce them all to Charlotte - as well as making new friends. 
Me with friends from Auckland and Christchurch!
We finished the evening off with our first teaching meeting :) Over the course of the camp we had 7 teaching meetings, which involved sung worship, followed by preaching from Mike Beck - an AMAZING preacher from Wellington - and then small group Bible studies.  The preaching was on Luke 12:37-54, and the theme was "Hold the Line against the influence of Leaven". You can download all of the sermons here: and I highly recommend you do so! 
My small group :)
The next day was "D-Day". We began the day with our second meeting, then we had all sorts of activities. First up we had "See It", which involved a us having to try and spot random items hidden in the forest. Next came "Build It", which meant we had to build a raft, and take it twice around the pontoon out in the bay. We actually succeeded at this, which was really exciting!! 
A very bright picture of The Commanded and our raft.
After lunch, we continued D-Day with " It", which was a confidence course activity, followed by "Shoot It" - archery - which I am totally terrible at haha. The last activity of the afternoon was "Carry It" - we had to build a stretcher, and carry members of our team one at a time along a path, around a tree and back. 
After that was free time, and we all went down to the warf to swim. I decided not to swim after all, because it was cold, but I ended up getting thrown in -_- Haha. But turns out I'm glad I did - it was a very nice swim :D After that was dinner, and our meeting, then we had the final part of the day "Answer It" - a Bible quiz. 
My team doing the quiz!
On the third day, we began with our meeting as usual, then we had yatching! That was definitely one of my favourite activities again this year. I got to sail with the same person as last year, and we had a great time again!! After that, we had kayaking. 
The second half of the day saw us building bivouacs - girls on one side of the hill, guys on the other. The girls on my team worked really hard, and we built a bivouac we were really proud of :) The guys on the other hand, didn't really bother haha.... That was followed by rock climbing, which was fun!
The Commanded girls with our bivvy behind us :)
Later on we found out we would be spending the night in our bivouacs. We weren't too pleased at first, but we soon got over that and got excited. We spent a lot of our free time that afternoon perfecting the structures haha. But when we finished, my friends and I went out on the wharf and had some fun! 
On the wharf with Charlotte and another friend :)
At 11pm, we all headed out to our bivvys. It was a pretty cold night, but we were all really warm once we got inside. Aside from other groups talking, the boys howling on the other side of the hill (who knows why?!) and sliding down the hill, it was a pretty good night's sleep haha. 
Inside our little divvy
The next day was ANZAC Day, and we went on a looong hike across the island to an ANZAC Day service, which was really special. 
The final part of the day was when we planned our skits for the concert that evening. Each team had to do a skit, telling about a part of the teaching or something to do with camp. What our team came up with, I actually really liked!! :D Once I have the video, I'll try and share it with you all :) 
Us planning our skit
After the meeting in the evening was the concert, which is always great fun! Our team skit went really well too. After that, being the last night, we all stayed up late and sung, talked and laughed by the bonfire. A lot of people (including me!) had totally lost their voices, so the singing must have sounded incredible haha XD 
Charlotte and me with one of our friends :)
The next day was our final day on camp. We did our final chores and cleaned up, then it was the camp awards! My team won almost all the awards, and we won over all, which was really exciting :D :D
After that, it was time to say goodbye to the campsite, and take the ferry back to the mainland. Everyone was exhausted on the ride back!! 
Charlotte and me on the boat - excuse our
facials -  we were veery over-tired!!
Then it was time for us to say goodbye :( Everyone else was travelling back to Auckland by bus, but Charlotte, my brother and I were catching a lift with the administrator and his family back to our home town. It was really sad to say goodbye to everyone, knowing we probably won't see all of our friends for another year or so.

Youth Camp '13 was definitely a huge highlight in my year so far (and the whole year too, I'm sure), just as camp was last year. I truly can't wait for Youth Camp 2014!!

God bless,


Violet said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a great time!!! I'm so glad you and Charlotte enjoyed yourselves! :D Sorry I couldn't be there though! :(

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun!

Wild Horse said...

Wow, sounds like you had heaps of fun :)

Daisy said...

It sure was fun!! :) Yeah, we missed you Violet! But I'm sure you had fun at home studying ;D hehe