Sunday, 9 June 2013

My weekend in photos

Sorry to overload you all with photos, but I couldn't resist posting these ones from our latest rehearsal of Grandma's Folk Tales (a play I'm currently directing with the local home school children). They are all having such a great time, and they're doing so well - I'm so proud of them!!
She's just too cute - our little 4 year old 
Me directing the oldest "shadow" from the forest scene in
Snow White 
Can't get over how cute this little one is - and
so photogenic too!!
Our seven crazy young dwarves 
A village lass and the bluebird
This one just cracks me up - so much
The majority of the weekend was also spent down at the local singing competitions. My mother is a singing teacher, so she was there for the entire competition, and I was there to help her out, which was lots of fun!! I also had the privilege to be able to perform myself, which was lots of fun!!
My mum and three of her students (yes, I am one of them :D)
You may also recognise the girl on the end - she is my
duet partner and played Eolande, the female lead in the
Christmas production Violet and I wrote last year :)
I really enjoyed this year's singing competitions - but I am glad that they're over now all the same. Now its just chamber music competitions this coming weekend. And then after that, well, that is an exciting story for another day.... ;) 

Hope you all had most blessed weekends! 

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Violet said...

Hi Emily,
We would love to publish your comment, however, for privacy reasons we prefer not to publish the names of people on our blog/or in photos on our blog without their prior permission. So sorry about this, but I'll pass on your querry to Daisy and maybe she'll answer it some other way! :D You could check out the Family Friendly Productions website for more details too! :)
God bless!