Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Obey Straightaway :)

Sometimes, one just gets those promptings from the Lord to do something! Just a really strong feeling in your heart that "this"- and this could be anything at all - is what the Lord wants. And sometimes those things will be really easy to do - things you actually want to do. But more often, they aren't. 

A few months ago, God was really prompting me to contact a friend of mine whom I had lost contact with, and to tell them something. He prompted me over and over again. What I had to say was not an easy thing... Yet I knew it had to be done.
I tried drafting a note of it, but I just couldn't get it to sound right, so I left it, put it from my mind and tried to forget about it. But as hard as I tried, it really didn't work out so well - thoughts of what I needed to say were constantly in my mind. But still I ignored the prompting. I tried to do a "Jonah" and run away from what I knew God wanted me to do. But as anyone who had read the story of Jonah will know, (and I do highly recommend that book of the Bible to anyone who had yet to read it) that doesn't work so well - you can't just run away from God and whatever He wants you to do! In fact, the more you try and run away from things, the worse things get, as Jonah found out when the Lord sent that terrible storm, then the whale. 
But if we turn back, and finally listen to God, He will calm the storms created by our defiance, whatever it may be, and send a "whale" to save us - for whilst being inside a whale for three days may not have been the most pleasant experience for Jonah, it did save him from drowning.

I didn't have a real storm myself, just a sense of unhappiness hanging over me, followed by a string of nightmares, night after night, about what I was supposed to say. It all seems so silly now. If I had just listened, and obeyed God straightaway, it wouldn't have been so hard! It still wouldn't have been easy, but at least I wouldn't have had to agonise over it for months.

I finally realised all of this, and stopped running. Immediately after sending my message, I felt so much better. And when I got a reply about a week later, sorting the whole issue out once and for all, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Made me wish I had been ready to listen and obey all along! What if, in my stubborn defiance of choosing not to listen to the Lord, I had missed the opportunity or the situation had gotten more complicated?! I'm just so blessed that it didn't! 
The lesson I learnt from all of this? If you receive a prompting from God to do something, don't ignore it, or leave it for later - act on it! His plans and His timing is perfect, and so much better than our own. God knows what He is doing!!! 


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