Tuesday, 11 June 2013

That "forever" kind of love

Happy 62nd anniversary to my incredible Grandparents, for the 9th of June! 62 years and still going strong <3

My mum and I were able to spend the evening of their anniversary with them, which was really special! They told us all sorts of stories from all those years ago, all about their wedding day - the dramas, the special moments, who was there, where they were married....
Pity my grandpa wasn't looking... but aren't they lovely?!
The day they were married on was over-cast and one of the rainiest South African days my grandma can remember, but, as one of the wedding guests said, it was a sign of "showers of blessings", which, my grandpa said, looking tenderly at Gran, have continued over the years. The wedding day started off dramatically, with Gran's aunty being rushed to hospital with a terrible nose bleed. It continued to follow that pattern with a missing marriage license, and champagne spilt on the wedding dress... But they still say it was the best day of their lives :D

It hasn't all been smooth sailing - they've had some real hardships along the way, and they've had to work extremely hard for all they have now. But through it all, they've stuck by each other. They became Christians at the same time, after about 10 years of marriage. They struggled through my Grandma's years of ill health, and, in latter years, my Grandpa's as well. They brought up two beautiful daughters, and have seen their four grandchildren growing up, and now their 4 great-grandchildren too.  They've had moments when they weren't each other's favourite people, but they've fought through it - divorce has never even been an option. They've learned to love each other more and more as they grow older together. 
My grandparents are honestly the sweetest couple I know. They still hold hands and tease each other, Grandpa still winks and Gran still giggles. Grandpa still calls Gran his "pin-up" girl, and Gran still says Grandpa is the most handsome man she knows. They still look out for each other all the time, and put the other before themselves. My grandpa still looks after my gran - if she's at our house and he's at home, he will often ring, just to see how she's doing. They work hard together, and love hard together. They've fought for their love, through thick and thin, and it has just grown.
True love is definitely worth waiting for! I hope, one day, to have a love like my grandparents do <3. And true love is worth fighting for, once God brings it into your life. Feelings will only get you so far - true love takes work, commitment, and dedication. But it is so, so worth the fight! 

And just to close, here is one of the most touching love stories I have ever seen...

Allow God to write you a love story based around Him. Don't settle for anything less than His best for your life <3

God bless, 


Megan and Abby said...

I also hope one day, if God wills it, that I can grow old with one whom I love. So sweet!

Violet said...

Awww...such a sweet post Daisy! Left me with a warm fuzzy feeling! Like Abby I hope that if God so desires I may be able to have such a long-lasting enduring love that stands the trials and tests of time. Your grandparents are so sweet & such an amazing Christian couple that I really look up to. Please congratulate them from me. Oh & the video was really lovely too. :D
God bless!

From your friend,